Application Development

There are many application development environments and platforms in use today. The rise of Internet technologies in the past few years has superseded many of the client/server applications in use. Still, companies need to ensure that their applications can continue to be developed, maintained, and upgraded where necessary. Companies also need to continuously build new applications to take advantage of the opportunities the web presents. As mergers and consolidations happen, there is a need to bridge applications and access data from multiple systems. Companies need application development professionals who are skilled at the latest and existing technologies. Innovatis technologies Business Consultants are skilled in many application development environments and languages such as Linux, Visual Basic (VB), C/C++, Java, J2EE, Oracle, Power builder, UNIX, Delphi, Visual C++, Visual Fox Pro, Visual J++, Visual Source Safe, and .Net.

We will build your robust application to meet your challenging business needs by working together with your business and technology groups. Whether we are customizing a large-scale database, integrating an ERP system or designing and developing a web application, our team will deliver on time and within budget.

  • Custom software design and development
  • ERP System design, development and Integration
  • E-Commerce/Web Application Design and Development and Support
  • Database Development, Upgrades and Maintenance
  • Release Management

Innovatis Technologies brings global expertise to each one of our client’s project in areas of:

  • Technologies: Java/J2EE, .NET, SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards, Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server, all Open Source Technologies
  • Methodologies: Iterative and Waterfall methodologies

IT Consulting

Our Project Based consultancy is a highly specialized field in itself which requires extensive expertise. We cater to a diversified set of businesses for project based consultancy services. We understand the complete business processes of the organizations and help them to implement fast performing and cost effective IT solutions for the growth of the organization.

We do thorough study of the related field which includes market research, customer study, product study, and all other factors influencing the project. After that we provide complete consultancy on product budgeting, design, architecture, technology, programming, testing and release of the product. Our expert team of consultants provides complete support and maintenance to upgrade and further release of the product time to time.

Real Estate Consulting

The real estate consulting arm utilizes big data technologies to compile and analyze unprecedented volume of information, including data from social media, to identify investment opportunities with a high return on investment. Using highly complicated algorithms formulated by in-house data scientists and software engineers and vast computing power through cloud-computing, Innovatis Technologies’ ability to not only identify but also foresee trends and golden opportunities is unmatched by traditional real estate consulting firms.

Our real estate consulting division’s mission is to utilize data from social media and big data technologies to predict trends in the real estate sector. Our firm is not interested in simply gaining a foothold in the real estate consulting market, we believe our services will revolutionize real estate investing. Insights generated by our algorithm will allow our clients to have outsize ROI.

The division's main clients are international and institutional investors.

ERP solution

Innovatis Technologies Business Consultants help our clients design, deploy, and manage their ERP implementation. They have the skills and proficiency to help our clients maximize their resource utilization and offer consulting in business process analysis, business process re-engineering, information system strategies, hardware requirement analysis, applications consulting and training. ERP systems are comprehensive and need to be managed by professionals who understand the scope and breadth of the systems. Innovatis Technologies Business Consultants have deployed SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle and other ERP or IT systems at companies in vertical markets such as banking, financial services, retail, transportation, and manufacturing. Our consultants are skilled and proficient on all aspects of ERP systems including financials, human resource management systems (HRMS), supply chain management (SCM), manufacturing, and business intelligence. Innovatis Technologies Business Consultants have designed, deployed, and managed many data systems, which are critical for the ERP system to function optimally.

Cloud Computing

Our cloud gives you the right tool for every job—just sign up for a cloud account to get started. Every aspect of your application can get the performance, scalability, and security it requires. Need to combine the benefits of the cloud with the single-tenant security of a dedicated server? Our hybrid hosting gives you the best of both.

Our products make it simple for you to tackle complex problems while delivering high performance. For example, you can access:

  • Linux and Windows servers with persistent local hard drives and optional managed services
  • MySQL® Cloud Databases with 229% faster performance than RDS
  • High-performance SSD Block Storage, and Cloud Files storage with CDN for fast global delivery of content
  • Software-defined networks for network isolation, performing packet filtering, and supporting broadcast/multicast